I ran into a pole this morning #tbt

Welcome to my two part throwback Thursday series (that’s what #tbt stands for Mom). I’m reviving some stories from years past that I shared with friends via e-mail. Actually, these e-mails are the ancestors to my blog. When I blog now, I pretend that I’m still writing e-mails to my good friends, updating them on my life and hopefully getting a few laughs along the way. I’m also reviving these stories because I have nothing new to talk about.

From: urban rice ball
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 9:20 AM
To: my good friends
Subject: i ran into a pole this morning

what a way to start the day…

when we pulled up to the train station this morning, the train was already there so i had to make a run for it. i was wearing a trench coat and as i was running the belt was dragging behind me. so in my efforts to try to pick up my belt and make the train, i failed to see the pole coming at me. it wasn’t coming at me — i was coming at it. mind you, i didn’t merely walk gently into it. i was running fast — had to make that train — so i hit it hard, bounced off, a little stunned, but nevertheless unscathed. i looked behind me to see if anyone saw…of course they did, everyone was running to the train too. the train was 5 minutes early — that never happens! so anyway, i saw the pole out of the corner of my eye, and i knew i didn’t have a enough time to slow down so i put up my arms to protect myself. my hand and arm hurt now, but there was no blood.

good news: i made the train.
bad news: my dad saw and called to laugh at me. he said the “no parking” sign on the pole was shaking after i hit it.

happy thursday.

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