The Chunk Chronicles: Part 1

Hey folks, the Chunkster here.  Just wanted to check in and introduce myself on this blog thing the girl is always rarely on.So far, so good in my new digs.  The girl is pretty nice, but the boy is way better.  He’s super awesome and we’re already best buds.  I think the girl is a little jealous so I throw her a few cuddles here and there, but I really love cuddling with the boy more because he lets me lick his lips.

The first few days were a little rough.  Everything smelled weird, so I had to sniff, sniff, sniff and pee, pee, pee on everything until it all smelled better.  The only tricky thing are the garbage bags, because they always smell different.  I cried a couple of times when the boy and girl left me alone in my crate, but I figured out pretty quick that they were coming back for me.  Plus, they leave me in the crate with some delicious peanut butter too, so you know, that helps.

The worst part about the boy and girl is that they don’t let me sleep on the bed.  On my first night I went up there to get comfy with them, but they kicked me off the bed.  WTF man, I’m cuddly, I’m cool, I’ll keep your feet warm…  On my next try, I got a little more stealthy and made it to the bench at the foot of their bed.  I thought it was a good compromise…you have your space, I have my space.  But again, the boy airlifted me off the bench onto the floor.  Dude, I wasn’t even on the bed, I was on the bench!  How rude!

Well, that’s all for now.  I believe another nap is calling my name.  Check ya later!

– The Chunkster


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