The NYC Bucket List

Now that we know our time in NYC is coming to an end, it’s time to get serious about our NYC bucket list.  I started the bucket list years ago – before marriage and homeownership were even blips on my radar.  It was meant to identify all the touristy, NYC-centric activities that we’d like to experience before leaving this great city.  At the time I had no idea when or if we would ever leave, so we tackled the list at a leisurely pace.  But with our house in the suburbs almost complete and an expiring apartment lease that is not to be renewed, it’s time to get crackin’ on this list.  It’s not as if NYC will be so far away that we can’t partake in these activities after we’ve moved to New Jersey, but we’ll likely be less willing to come into the city on a whim just to cross off one of these items.

So, this is the list as it stands today.  (I should probably give this its own page on the blog to hold me accountable.  We’ll see if I figure out to do that…)

Central Park rowboats – Open.  I think this would be uber romantic, Mr. S thinks it would be uber gross / boring and doesn’t see why he should have to row me around the algae filled lake in the name of love.  I told him because people do it in the movies, duh.

Bronx Zoo – Done.  See blog post here of how we spent five hours at the zoo and Mr. S proved that he will be the better parent to our future children.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge – Done.  Again, I meant for this to be a romantic stroll across the bridge, but Mr. S interpreted it as a race against the slow-paced tourists and bikers.

Mr. S:  Ugh, why is everyone walking so slow?!?


Trapeze school – Open, and I don’t know how I feel about this anymore.  I was probably a young spring chicken / Carrie Bradshaw wannabe when I came up with this list, and now I just feel old, achy, and stiff-jointed.

The Met – Done.  See blog post here of when I visited The Icebergs by Frederic Edwin Church at the Met. 

Church’s Icebergs on top and my rendition of the Icebergs on the bottom

MoMA – Done.  See blog post here of how I realized that I’d make a terrible career artist.

Selfie in industrial waste taken at the MoMA

American Museum of Natural History – Done.  Well, almost done.  We did everything except the Asian animals. We said we’d go back for them, but that was over two years ago now.  Clearly it’s not a priority.

The Guggenheim – Done.

Strawberry Fields (at Central Park) – Open, although I’ve recently learned that this is nothing more than a plaque in the ground, not an actual field of strawberries.  Lame.

The Fountain in all the movies (at Central Park) – Done.  We accidentally happened upon the fountain during one of the many times we got lost in Central Park.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – Open.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum – Open.

Mets game at Citi Field – Done.  Mr. S is a diehard Mets fan, so we go to about two games every season.  I have zero appreciation for America’s pastime and only go for the Shake Shack and potential tanning time.

US Open tennis match – Open.

New York Knicks game -Done, and gave me my greatest claim to fame: I was in the same room as Meryl Streep.  (Nevermind how big the room was…we were still breathing the same air.)

Brooklyn Nets game – Open.

Bike around Governor’s Island – Open, but I heard they don’t allow dogs on Governor’s Island so we might just strike this based on principle alone.

Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island – Open.

Coney Island – Open.  Bonus points if we are at Coney Island for the hot dog eating contest and/or mermaid parade.

Top of the Empire State building – Open.

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center or Central Park – Open.  Knowing Mr. S, this is will probably end up being something like the Brooklyn Bridge activity though.

Attend an event at Lincoln Center – Done.  We saw Pixar in Concert at the NY Philharmonic.  Apparently I can only sit through live classical music if it involves cartoons.

Walk the Highline – Done, many times.  I love it there.

Brooklyn Flea Market – Done, although I’d like to go back again to shop for furniture for our house.

Smorgasburg – Open.  We’ve been there for a short period of time, just long enough to get an ice cream sandwich.  I’d like to go back and spend more time there.

So that’s what we’ve got so far.  With less than four months to go until we pack up to New Jersey, it’s quite ambitious to get the rest of our bucket list done before our move (especially since most of these activities are outdoors and we are in the middle of the never-ending winter), but it’s still fun to try and we’re always open to adding more things to the list.  If anyone has some suggestions for our bucket list, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Liz @ Life in Green says

    Love the idea of keeping a bucketlist of things to do in your city. And I have to confess that being the crazy person that I am, when we travel we have to see *all* the things so we checked off most of your list in one 4-day trip to NY! (Hanging my head in shame, because I wish I could just relax on vacations.)

    Um also, industrial waste selfie = amazing.

  2. says

    Not to be a creepy creeper, but I’m totally a Weddingbee reader that followed you to Instagram (alethiosaur — so many pictures of a fluffy white dog) and then followed you here. And, have totally made my boyfriend/fiance read your posts every time letterpressing / bespoke suits / engagement photos / City Hall comes up (because, of course, I’ve been reading Weddingbee since way before we were engaged). I’m really excited to discover that you’ll still be blogging!

    Anyway! When you make it back to Smorgasburg, I’d recommend getting there around 11a to beat the crowd, and checking out Junk ( for furniture or Crossroads Trading Co. for clothes (I’ve found surprisingly great stuff in the racks).

    • says

      Hi! This is awesome, happy you found me here! Thank you so much for all the tips at Smorgasburg – I plan to eat my way through the entire thing 🙂 Enjoy wedding planning – for all the stress and silly obsessions it is really fun!

  3. says

    So you totally prompted me to finally publish what is at least a first draft of my favorite restaurants in NYC, and it’s good because I thought I’d have to finish this earlier this year and instead I’ve had some extra time to do so and therefore I’ve procrastinated, so thank you for making me finally finish that. Also–your experience on the Brooklyn Bridge was my experience except I couldn’t make it all the way (from the Manhattan side) because I was not OK being on that bridge for very long. I made it halfway and then you could not get me off that thing fast enough.

    For the record, you can skate for free (I think? I have never investigated I just saw) skating in Bryant Park during the holiday season, and you’ve marked off most of the good things on your bucket list. I’d suggest the 59th St. Bridge and Riverside Park as must-see places, but I know they aren’t the easiest to get to when you’re coming from outside the city.

    • says

      Ooh I should check out your blog for some restaurant ideas! We are trying to get our fill of NYC eats before we leave as well. We have done the Bryant Park ice rink…full disclosure, I don’t really enjoy ice skating. It’s just on the list because it’s always in the movies haha 🙂

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